2D Is Not Dead

A couple of years ago I made a post talking about traditional animation, and addressing this pessimist view about it. Why is 2D animation dying, if it’s still one of the most amazing art forms? In my head, that made no sense. I spent most of my life studying it despite the fact that it was being abandoned by the big companies gradually, until even Disney animation, the mother of traditionally animated features, caved into 3D permanently. In that first post, I mentioned that the real issue with traditional animation was that the big masters weren’t able to work with … Continue reading 2D Is Not Dead

Sing Street, Fantastic Beasts and 2D Animation

For the past month or so I’ve been taking the blog slowly to focus my attention in creating better content, learning the ways the people from Movie Pilot write their posts and make them all so interesting and engaging. To do that, I’ve been taking an online course at creators.co┬ácalled “creators academy” and focusing my attention in learning more about cinema at the same time that I absorb all the information they share there. The posts I’ve been making on my profile page there are far less opinative and more research based, and I love that. So far, I’ve made … Continue reading Sing Street, Fantastic Beasts and 2D Animation

Who are we?

A few weeks ago a guy from Movie Pilot invited me to learn more about writing through “creators academy”, an online course from creators.co, which is a really nice website. I was very interested in this, first because I could take my time with all the assignments, but also because I do realise that I have a lot more to offer than what shows through my writing, and that’s something I’ve been meaning to change for a very long time now. I started reading the information they provided, wanting to start my first assignment right away, but I never did. … Continue reading Who are we?