2D Is Not Dead

A couple of years ago I made a post talking about traditional animation, and addressing this pessimist view about it. Why is 2D animation dying, if it’s still one of the most amazing art forms? In my head, that made no sense. I spent most of my life studying it despite the fact that it was being abandoned by the big companies gradually, until even Disney animation, the mother of traditionally animated features, caved into 3D permanently. In that first post, I mentioned that the real issue with traditional animation was that the big masters weren’t able to work with … Continue reading 2D Is Not Dead

Watch the first Teaser Trailer for “Moana”, the next Disney Princess!

Disney just released the first Teaser Trailer for Moana, the new CGI princess movie comming out this November! Directed by Ron Clements and John Musker, known for their works on The Little Mermaid, Alladin and Princess and the Frog. With … Continue reading Watch the first Teaser Trailer for “Moana”, the next Disney Princess!

Why Is 2D Animation Dying?

I kept asking myself that question for a number of times, and I didn’t really want to let my conscious mind wonder about that, but I can’t really help it… The fact that Disney has officially closed it’s 2D features department is one that makes my heart really saddened, because unfortunately that’s the studio that controls everything. “If Disney is not going 2D anymore why should we?”, they say, “2D animation doesn’t sell anymore”. It doesn’t sell anymore… That isn’t true. Put a kid in front of the tv and tell him to watch Lion King, let’s see if his … Continue reading Why Is 2D Animation Dying?

César Coelho and the Brazilian Animation Day

César Coelho, owner of the studio Campo4 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, mostly known as one of the creators of the biggest animation festival in America, the “Anima Mundi”, was invited to showcase some of the best brazilian animation from the past few years and talk about the festival he created in a known animation school in Vancouver CA, during the Brazilian Animation Day in Vancouver (9/14/2015). Him and a teacher from the school analized the short films and then played a feature called “O Menino e o Mundo” (The Boy and The World”). The first event of it’s kind … Continue reading César Coelho and the Brazilian Animation Day

SPARK Animation: Jorge Guitérrez

On september 25th 2015 Jorge Gutiérrez, director and visionaire that brought to us the Oscar nominated film “The Book Of Life”, was the guest speaker for the Spark Animation Festival in Vancouver, an event for people of the Animation Industry. The speak was very conventional, Jorge talked mainly about the begining of his career, the years he spent studying at CalArts and how the first steps of an artist are important to determine where he or her might get. He mentioned his influences for character designs and stories. It was three hours of a light conversation with the audience, very … Continue reading SPARK Animation: Jorge Guitérrez