I Watched Doctor Strange on Canada’s First 4Dx Theatre and Here’s What I Thought Of It

Doctor Strange is the newest member of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, with his first movie being released this weekend here in Canada.

The movie will tell the story of Doctor Stephen Strange, an amazing neurosurgeon who made millions out of his abilities until getting caught on a car accident that prevents him from moving his hands properly, therefore ruining his career in medicine.

The premise of the story is very intriguing, but I have to admit to never reading the comics though. If you want more details on Doctor Strange’s movie you can find them here.

Cineplex just opened a 4Dx room in Canada

I decided to watch Doctor Strange on Cineplex’s brand new 4Dx room because, let’s face it, this was only finished so fast so that all the Marvel fans could spend a fortune on a ticket to feel their chairs shake while matter is morphing on screen.

I have to admit it was pretty ok, I was expecting something to be wrong in there since everything was brand new, like for the chair to move in a weird manner, for the rain drops to be too much… But everything worked perfectly and that was a great surprise.

This being said, I don’t think I’ll ever want to repeat the experience. The real effects didn’t help the storytelling much, and while everything in the room was perfectly synchronized with the actions on screen and seemed to be working just fine, I still felt like it was way less immersive than what I’m used to, mainly because all the chair shakes, wind, rain and smoke took my attention off the screen way too often.

I honestly felt like I couldn’t pay attention to the movie and properly immerse myself in the story because I was always shaking, and there were lights turning on and off, smoke coming from under the screen, and honestly… Those freaking wind things they put on the chairs are SO loud, they even scared me FOR REAL a couple of times during the movie, when they weren’t supposed to. Everytime they started blowing wind it was like someone turned on a really loud and tiny fan right next to my ears. And by the way, the room was really warm and thus very uncomfortable.

At the end of the day, I just think paying for that is a waste of money. I was expecting it to be way more immersive and way more realistic as well, something like the simulators they have at the parks in Orlando, like the Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man in Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure park.

Anyway, those were only my thoughts. If you are curious about the 4Dx room you can check it out now, it is in the Yonge and Dundas Square Cineplex unit in Toronto, ON and the tickets cost about CAD$25.00 each, but you can also go in there for free like I did if you choose to spend 1.500 SCENE points on your ticket. This is Canada’s first and only 4Dx room, for now at least.

Tip of the day: If I were you, I’d wait and watch the Fantastic Beasts movie there if you’re also going to see that one, just because it leaves more time for the Cineplex crew to maybe try and make those freaking fans less loud and the AC work properly.


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