The Masterminds

A comedy based on a true crime story starring Kristen Wiig (brides Maids), Zach Galifianakis (The Hangover), Owen Wilson (Marley and Me), Jason Sudeikis (We’re The Millers) and Kate McKinnon (Ghostbusters 2016). Can you possibly not like this movie? No, you can’t.

The story is about David Ghantt (Zach Galifianakis), a man that singlehandedly robbed over U$17 M from an armoured car company called Loomis Fargo in 1997 after being persuaded to do so by his crush Kelly (Kristen Wiig) and her friends Steve “Gepetto” (Owen Wilson) and Runny (Devin Ratray), to after run to Mexico to live the life of a King. But the things don’t go so well when his teammates decide to cut him loose and sell him to the FBI.

The whole movie is a giant vicarious embarrassment scene. If you are a very empathetic person like I am, you should be prepared to cringe for your life as you watch this, which actually makes the experience that much funnier. David is such a weird, innocent character, pair that with Zach’s personality and his style of acting and we couldn’t possibly expect nothing else.

Even though the whole movie is funny and engaging, there are some short scenes that are only there to make the movie longer, nothing else. Jason Sudeikis’ character – Mike McKinney – for example, could be erased from the picture leaving no trace of ever being needed anywhere. Even though it was a nice addition, it was one that should’ve been better planned to fit into the story, just like Jenny’s (Kate McKinnon).

The movie is worth hitting the theaters for. The 90’s feel was very nostalgic and tacky, the movie was weird and cringy, the performances by the actors were good, and the overall production looked great. This was actually the first movie I ever watched directed by Jared Hess, and the second one written by Chris Bowman and Hubbel Palmer. Another credited writer was Emily Spivey who, apparently, only ever worked with television before that – welcome to the cinematic universe btw!

I’d encourage anyone who dares to watch this brilliant comedy in the theaters now! I’m giving it a 75. Now go watch it!


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