Café Society

Written and directed by the brilliant Woody Allen, Café Society takes us back to 1930’s america when a young man from New York (Jesse Eisenberg) decides to move to Los Angeles seeking a more exciting way of living. He is taken under his uncle’s (Steve Carell) wings upon arrival, and immediately falls in love for his secretary, Vonnie (Kristen Stewart).

The story is a classic, it has everything a good romance should have, a little betrayal here, a love triangle there, a gangster, Los Angeles, New York and of course, some crazy family members. Voialá! There you have it.

The movie screams Woody Allen all over, but for the tragedy of it most of all. If there is one thing that I admire about this amazing director is the way he portraits life through his cameras, not caring about the perfect happy ending because there are no such things in real life. Don’t expect to go watch this and leave the theater feeling like in the end of a Disney princess movie, or at the end of The Fault in Our Stars. Nothing is ever so tragic and dramatic, or happy. This will give you a whole new feeling, that not this many people will enjoy.

The movie came out around the beginning of August 2016, but it is still playing today, the 22nd of September. Here in Toronto I had the chance to watch it in a small cinema, feeling like I was in an old theater, and it gave the movie just a nice extra touch, it was great. I am giving this movie an 85. Now go watch it!


3 thoughts on “Café Society

  1. Brilliant! I really want to see this film. The cast looks perfect. Eisenberg is such a great choice for a Woody film. Have you ever featured your writing on any other websites?


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